About Nothing

A skilful start eludes me today,
Honestly typing, I wasn’t scouring for one,
Besides, by now you know my style,
A poet, 😒(sigh) another walking cliché,
I am about to complete the full nerd metamorphosis,
From a callow chubby teenager in high school,
To a lost young man peer pressuring through college,
And now a socially awkward over thinking adult😓 under social pressures,
Being African and all, I thought this was some white shit,
As it turns out, we are one and the same thing, human😞,
And let’s not forget the string of psychological disorders I may be harboring,
With a subtle wail that those around me never read😢,
So the wrinkles in my skin give away the youth in my soul,
The unapologetic ignorance tells of my thoughtful self,
Impatient as I am, I’m always clinging to my prospects,
I guess I am too good at imagining life than actually living it😐,
I’m sorry I am not the normal human,
I’m actually not sorry😣,
Because you might not give a damn,
Being you might be in the same rut.


For kissing cousins,
We are hardly close,
And I do not regret being naked with you/
You are not my lover,
But your goodnight hurts more than a goodbye.
For A Human,
Yours truly,


Look, I donno how I am the source of your anger issues/
Or was there a lapse in the words I used/
Was what I didn’t do make me a total goof?/
And am I a rolling stone just waiting for a push? /
Because to you it can never be 1+1=3/
And everything I do is somewhat way too cheap/
Was that why you gave me for a smile,  a grin/
Something I didn’t ask for and I could tell there was a smirk beneath/
Am not sorry but I wish I could be/
For buying you plastic flowers and a five dollar treat/
But you and I both know you couldn’t get roses to live/
For a while, cause I really wanted it to remind you of me/

Cheap Thrills


Call me the god of thrills/
I am about to bless her with the perfect gift/
Its not like I am out to get laid/
I’m just trying to lay down how much she means to me/
I am to pick her up at the fire station, and I am a little late/
She tries to smile and hide her rage when she sees me 😡/
From that distance, I agree with myself how Fine she looks 😍/
I guess am losing gangster points for not staring too long at her boobs/
Lunch at this downtown fast food place has my palms wet/
A stand up comedian couldn’t be any drier in this set/
No paddle of ‘kwa ground vitu ni different’ jokes can help me recover/
God, am hoping the French fries and a chicken piece don’t leave her grumpier/
I don’t know if I can take anymore of her rhetorical questions/
So I guide her confidently through the backstreets/
We do some shots and I really don’t think she has to know how much was for the drink/
And plus, a man should keep a little mystery😏/
We are there only six and a half minutes and shit got to 100 real quick 😓/
To be honest, neither of us could tell how we got to the Goethe institute/
I’m rhapsodic about the free show but I barely have any liquid assets for liquor/
A beer will do the trick for about an hour before our bloodstreams run out of the cider/
We dance, she’s doing most of it, you know, I am elderly stiff/
She relishes being part of the coordinated dance from the audience but I still think dance is a joke/

But either way, I robot the moves absent mindedly trying to decipher the cryptic smell that may be sweat, breath, perfume, hair or a shoe somewhere 😕/
We unapologetically take lots of pictures, for clout while we share a third beer/
The show ends early and she does not mind going home and serve some pie/
I don’t know if it’s the music or that she’s still high, but I do care that I get me some pie/
We walk the nearly empty Nairobi streets in this chilly Friday weather/
I get to hold her rather too tightly because I also didn’t carry a sweater 😉/
This overloading matatu kills two birds with one stone/
Reaching Zimmerman at a record 30 minutes fron town and saving me a hundred bob on fare!
I take her to a friends house, I am kinda in between places but I’ll claim to be his roommate if she asks/
I’ve exiled him for the whole night and so I’m taking it slow with my tasks/
Todays climax, or everyone’s going to clima…
Talk of a plot twist because my apparent roommate knocks on the door with a girl 😮/
And that is another story which I’ll tell later/


Picture yourself back in a classroom taking a test and let’s say it’s not necessarily a difficult test. I know 99% of us, if given a chance to cheat on that exam, we would jump on that train without a second thought. But come to think of it, what is the main goal of a test? It’s always about testing how much we have learned about a particular subject.
One subject that today’s generation has a difficulty getting a grasp of is happiness. I know we can debate for a whole day about the definition of happiness and I am not focusing on that today. And we can agree that we are a sad generation. In my opinion I think it is because we are always looking for answers to questions we have not asked ourselves and given honest, real and sincere answers to this questions, to ourselves.
Let’s have an example. I am sure majority of the people in relationships now have no idea why they are in one but if you ask them that they’ll say, it’s something they have to or everyone is doing it. And in the end we are in toxic or boring relationships but we are too afraid to see each other with somebody new.(to quote drake😏). If we genuinely ask ourselves why we need this relationship(it could be friendships too), then I bet we would have healthy relationships.
Asking yourself this tough questions also give you a chance to know yourself better. You will be more aware of what to take and what to filter out. So I hope today in your time you sit and examine how real you are with yourself or are you just doing it because of the masses.